London is a unique and extraordinary city with a lot of opportunity to prosper.

Unfortunately not everyone in this great city has the same start and opportunities. The McBridge foundation will have a strong focus on millennials and hopes to give them the chance to participate in London’s great opportunities by trying to remove some of the obstacles that stand in their way. Therefore, we will support charities and organisations who have a focus in these areas:

Preventing or relief of poverty:

The lack of money and increasing poverty in some areas of London is preventing young people from participating in a social life or fulfilling their potential. It is therefore key to reduce this inequality to give people a chance to develop further. The McBridge Foundation will support financial organisations whose goal is to fight and reduce poverty.

Advancement of arts & culture:

Art and culture are still not accessible to a lot of Londoners. The McBridge Foundation would like to support organizations who are invested in widening access to art and culture.

Advancement of education:

The McBridge foundation sees education as an important ally in this fight. It is important to give people access to new knowledge and ideas. This could be in the classical sense such as school education but, furthermore, McBridge sees education also in the broad sense, such as sport or studying different cultures and religions. Therefore, we will support organisations who are focus on giving people access to knowledge in all its forms.

Conservation, protection and improvement of the environment:

The Foundation sees the threat of climate change as one of the biggest challenges facing us today. Therefore, it is not only important to make people aware of this challenge, but also to educate, as well limiting the increasing rate of climate change in London. McBridge will support organisations who are actively involved in combating environmental issues such as air quality, garbage reduction & recycling and renewable energy.