London is a unique and extraordinary city, with so many opportunities to prosper.

Unfortunately not everyone in this great city has the same start and opportunities. The McBridge Foundation helps to share the best of London with everyone, particularly young people who face hardship.

We provide support through donations, organising fundraising events in historic London locations, and publicising to our 17,000 social media followers. We particularly wish to support charities and organisations with focus in these areas:

Fighting Poverty

Poverty is preventing many Londoners from fulfilling their potential. We will support organisations whose goal is to fight poverty in London.

Access to Arts & Culture

There are so many wonderful arts and cultural opportunities in London. But many of them are not accessible to all Londoners. We will support organisations dedicated to widening access to art and culture.

Supporting Education

A broad education is vital to fulfilling potential. This includes academic subjects, sports, and cultural opportunities. We will support organisations who support access to knowledge in all its forms.

Improving the Environment

The health of many Londoners is blighted by poor environments, particularly in certain areas of the city. We will support organisations who are actively involved in environmental issues such as air quality, waste, and conservation.